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Enterprise Information Solutions (EnterInfo) is a leading GIS consultant specializing in fleet management systems (eRoadTrack) and pavement management solutions (eRoadInfo). 

EnterInfo provides fleet and pavement management services to over 50 DOT/DPW agencies in the nation.  Since the company was founded in 1990, EnterInfo has established an excellent project completion track record and has successfully provided solutions and systems to over 100 government agencies in the US. 

EnterInfo's business mission is to accomplish our client's objectives using innovative GIS/ IT solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. EnterInfo has an excellent track record of delivering solutions on time and within budget. EnterInfo has been recognized for many achievements over the years including:

  • The 1st Statewide GIS property database on the Internet - www.gisonline.com
  • The 1st Statewide Real-time Crime Reporting System - Delaware RTCR
  • The 1st Real-time WEB based Snowplow Tracking System accessible by the public - Howard County, MD Snowplow Tracking System
  • 2003 FHWA Environmental Excellence Award - NPDES hand-held based field data collection system
  • Best Transportation WEB Site - Maryland CHART .NET GIS Mapping
  • Award winning transportation databases - Maryland SHA Transportation Spatial Database; MSHA Highway Management Information System

EnterInfo provides complete technology and service coverage ranging from mapping, data conversion, and cartographic services to needs analysis, application development, database consulting, and full software life cycle development and support. EnterInfo is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and a business partner and certified training center of ESRI. Our commitment to client satisfaction and the utilization of leading edge technologies enables us to consistently deliver effective project solutions.

Enterinfo offers two GSA schedules:
GSA Environmental

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