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Highway Management Information System -- HMIS

The Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA), Highway Information Services Division (HISD) develops and maintains an annual inventory of all public highways in the State of Maryland. The inventory includes of a variety of roadway features, GPS, alignments, and all attributes that are associated with the roadway centerlines. The HMIS application, included as a module in the whole Traffic Monitoring application, is a core tool used by HISD to capture and process the data. EnterInfo developed and maintains the HMIS WEB Site and database for the MSHA.

HMIS Application Interfaces
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The HMIS system was originally developed using the CASE tool with an Informix database in the backend. EnterInfo converted the system to Visual Basic and Oracle and used ESRI ArcIMS and ArcSDE to enable the data and maps on the Internet.

The project involved a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).Services provided included strategic planning, requirements analysis, JAD sessions, database modeling, road data collection, design documents, user case analysis, GIS data conversion, SHA software standard compliance, hardware evaluation/benchmarking, systems integration, WEB programming, and report generation.

HMIS has a field data collection module, which integrates GIS with GPS and a Distance Measuring Instrument to automatically create event database records registering on the mile point of the road centerline.The field data module provides a paperless working environment in the MSHA field van. It offers the ability to verify existing data and create new roads with all the required attributes. While the vehicle is traveling, the GPS determines the current location and displays all the events such as a crossroad, bridge, lane change, etc. The map display provides a map view that can be sized and rotated to align with the driving direction. Input can be performed using touch screen, mouse, or keyboard. This project did not implement the available voice command option.