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eRoadTrack Service Tracking AVL


Howard County, MD Snowplow Tracking

The goal of this project was to implement an AVL tracking system that not only improved Howard County’s snowplow productivity, but also to provide the citizens with instant road condition information to increase safety for the travelers.  Soon after the system was functioning on Intranet, the County realized its potential and made the decision to expand the Internet component for public access.  Using the Internet, residents and travelers can obtain road conditions from the county WEB site using a browser.  The snowplow maps, which are updated every 15 minutes during storms, show both the road treatment conditions and the locations of snowplows.

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Washington, DC Snowplow Tracking

The DC Snowplow tracking system is an advanced AVL and real-time service tracking system. It integrates GIS technology with GPS and wireless communication to provide real-time maps and reports benefiting the managing, balancing, and estimating of the plow and salting operations.  As the Capitol of the nation, DDOT maintains the highest level of security on its network.  The EnterInfo team worked closely with the DDOT IT department to ensure all of the system components including servers, application, wireless equipments, communication protocols as well as the installation and support services met the security requirements.

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Prince George's County, MD AVL

Prince George's County, Maryland uses eRoadTrack to manage its snowplow and para-transit fleets. Two different vehicle icons are used to differentiate the fleets. Users have the option to view both fleets or a single feet. A ruggedized in-vehicle unit is installed in the snowplow trucks to detect plow up/down and spreader on/off directly from the existing electronic panel. The treatments performed and the vehicle location are sent to the server in real-time. The color of the road changes based on the treatments performed. The in-vehicle display also provides two way communication ability between the driver and the office.

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